“Every human being is an artist, a freedom being, called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and inform our lives.”

― Joseph Beuys


Isabelle Le Normand is a curator and connector.

She brings art out of conventional contexts, into boardrooms, backyards, city streets, consulates or backseats of vintage cars. Her projects dance between diplomacy, hospitality, sociology and performance. They build bridges, between artists and corporations, European creatives and U.S. collaborators, and contemporary art and an ever-evolving range of other disciplines (music, design, dance, film, science). She seeks out talent, devises new campaigns and designs fully immersive events.

Le Normand approaches her work like chemistry, each element combining to create something new, intense, inspiring and extraordinary: Art hung in design showrooms and private homes while artists gave walking tours during her collaborations with the French Consulate in L.A. Artist Juliana Iriart threw confetti from the roof of Palais de Tokyo in Paris, creating a cloud of color, part of Le Normand’s contribution to the multi-venue show Collective Fictions. Vocalist Vera Sola sang, while poet Mira Gonzalez read and comedian Dynasty Handbag held an audience captive during a recent ocean-side evening in the Pacific Palisades, accented by ocean views.

Born in Tours, France, Le Normand splits time between New York City and Los Angeles. She received an MA in Art History from Pantheon-Sorbonne University and an MA in Contemporary Curatorial Studies from Paris-Sorbonne University. She directed and curated the art program at the Paris non-profit Mains d’Oeuvres for six years before becoming an independent curator and consultant. In addition to Palais de Tokyo, Paris, she has collaborated with the Total Museum of Contemporary Art (TMCA) in Seoul, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Stroom den Haag in the Netherlands and a host of other private organizations.




"Isabelle has a tremendous network of talents—and a talent for networking. She organizes the best art events in Los Angeles and seems to be connected to everyone."

Adam Popescu, New York Times


"Isabelle created a magical and memorable evening for our guests in Paris.
She is sophisticated, subtle and sensitive in her approach to creating experiences which enhance everyone involved."

Satya Pemmaraju, CEO, Founder, DROIT Financial Technologies, LLC


"Isabelle really knows how to build an audience through her extensive network. She helped organize a screening at LACMA and the room was packed. She has a great sense of how an event should be presented and is a delight to work with. "

Miranda Carroll, Senior Director of Communications, LACMA


"Isabelle’s events are inspiring because of the diversity of people she brings together.”

Coach Joe, celebrity trainer [Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Jerome Jarre, Gad Elmaleh, Omar Sy]


"Isabelle is professional, thoughtful and enthusiastic. She is passionate and involved. Working with her was an amazing adventure, and I hope to do it again!"

Nadege Serre, Cool hunter, NellyRodi, Paris


"Isabelle makes it happen! Talented and driven, she brings invaluable creative energy to all of the projects she works on. She tackles communication challenges with grace, and her work has been essential to the success of the US premiere of our film Where is Rocky II? She has a special gift for interacting with all people, bringing people together and creating synergies."

Gregoire Gensollen, COO at Tucker Tooley Entertainment.


"Isabelle organized an extraordinary evening event in Los Angeles for a film produced by TransKom."

Julien Pichard, CEO, TransKom.


"Isabelle's consulting is gold. She knows the Los Angeles art and design market very well. The introductions she makes, her energy and enthusiasm are incredible."

Carole Decombe, gallerist based in Paris and Los Angeles.


"Isabelle is a rare pearl! The perfect choice if you are looking for the most audacious, artistic and creative event. She rocks!"

Paul Lê - Creative Director Service Plan France.


"I met Isabelle in January 2013 and collaborated with her the all year when I was running the Impermanent Collection in Downtown Los Angeles.
Isabelle has a special gift to find amazing artists and collectors and an incredible capacity to build an audience."

Eugenie Fremiot - Director of The Impermanent Collection, Brussels


"Isabelle Le Normand is a dedicated, hard-working curator demonstrating impressive capacities. She is an attentive and highly reliable person to work with."

Florence Ostende- Curator at Barbican, London


"Isabelle e una curatrice esperta, di grande sensibilità, vicina agli artisti."

Pietro Rigolo, PhD - Special Collections Archivist, The Getty Research Institute